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A guide to the best and most useful stuff on Brits on Pole. Here you can find links to our favourite articles, our season reviews, selected driver biographies and exclusive interviews.

The best of Brits on Pole

Features and articles that look at motorsport in a little more depth.


Behind the scenes

View our ‘behind the scenes’ pieces including promotional events, factory tours and press days. We hope you enjoy viewing and listening, and we’d be glad to receive suggestions on how we can improve our coverage in this area. More here…



Exclusive interviews with drivers and others involved in motorsport.

Season reviews

What happened, when it happened, and who it happened to.

The Brits on Pole All-Star League

In every form of motor sport, in every corner of the world, there are British drivers taking part and winning – but which one of them is doing best? The All-Star League compares the performance of 43 British drivers in 10 open-wheel series – and the results might not be quite what you expect. Read on here…

Driver biographies

Information and background on the careers of some of British motorsport’s biggest names.

Guest posts on other sites

Brits on Pole on tour – guest articles we wrote on other sites. All links open in another window and (obviously) go to a different site.

Guest writers on Brits on Pole

Full ‘in-depth’ section index


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