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Getting the most from our site

We hope you enjoy visiting Brits on Pole and come to see us often, especially since that’s the best way to enjoy the photography that various teams, series and manufacturers are kind enough to give us access to.

However we know only too well just how many people are vying for your attention these days. So we try to make our updates as accessible as we possibly can.


This means that there are plenty of ways that you can get the best from Brits on Pole apart from visiting the site. Check out the list below and see which suits you:

Get updates by RSS
If you use a feed reader to keep track of your favourite blogs and sites, then it’s easy to add Brits on Pole using this link. If you’re still finding the whole business a bit confusing and would like to read a simple guide to the process, try this one from the BBC.
Follow us on Twitter
This is a very popular way for motorsports fans to keep in touch with Brits on Pole and allows us all to exchange the very latest in news, views, discussion and gossip. Find us at http://www.twitter.com/BritsOnPole. For a quick guide to Twitter, watch this video.
Become a fan on Facebook
We’ve got a page on Facebook where you can post comments and links, see some of our photos and generally do all the things that Facebook lets you do. Visit it here or become a fan below.

Brits on Pole on Facebook
Get updates via your LiveJournal friends list
If you use LiveJournal to keep up with friends, blogs and sites of interest, then you can add Brits on Pole to the list. Just follow this link and add the feed to your friends list.


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