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Our comment policy

First off, we’d love to hear your views about the site and the stories we cover on it. And we certainly don’t expect you to agree with every word we say.

But, to ensure the site is a place that people feel comfortable visiting and using, there are a few ground rules that we ask you to observe when leaving a comment. They are as follows:

  1. Be civil – this is our golden rule. We don’t feel the need to expend bandwidth on rude, abusive or discriminatory comments and will not hesitate in deleting them. While a full spectrum of opinion is welcome if expressed politely, Brits on Pole is essentially a site celebrating the achievements of British drivers in motorsport. Commenters are welcome to argue a different point of view – however, any who arrive solely to attack specific drivers, bully other users or provoke an argument are not welcome and will not be engaged with.
  2. Be clear – as a courtesy to the people who will read your comments, please express them clearly. This means writing in approximate sentences and using reasonably standard spelling and punctuation. If you expend a little effort in making yourself easy to understand then more people will appreciate your point of view and respond to it. (This is not aimed at people whose first language is other than English as we aim to make people from all countries and nationalities feel welcome.)
  3. Be constructive – we encourage comments that add to the posts we make and the comments other people leave. Comments that express nothing other than a negative viewpoint are that much more likely to be deleted. This does not mean that we are not interested in divergent viewpoints; on the contrary we welcome them and hope to learn from them. We simply think commenters should have something constructive to offer.
  4. Be concise – comments should run to no more than three or, at most, four reasonably concise paragraphs. If you cannot make your point within that limit then the chances are that other users will not read it. If you find that it is not enough, then please consider contacting us regarding submitting a guest post – we will welcome your approach.


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