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F1: 2007 season review

Well, we don’t remember seeing another F1 season like this before. And, to be frank, we hope we never do again. In the first outing PS (Post Schumacher) we saw the amazing debut of Lewis Hamilton and a thrilling battle between two teams close to the top of their form, each with drivers who contested the championship fiercely right down to the final laps of the last race.

What motorsport fan could ask for more? We just wish we could have enjoyed it without the back-biting, the politics, the conspiracies and the intervention of the FIA which led to the season outcomes being decided in a series of arbitration hearings rather than on the track. It’s clear that, for whatever reason, 2007 is a season that won’t be forgotten quickly.


Here are our highlights:

F1 season review: who won what, where and when
No question – the 2007 Formula One season is one that will live in the memory for a mighty long time. Reputations made and broken, the closest of finishes and the biggest of scandals – re-live it all in our end-of-year round-up.
F1 season review: 10 things we’d like to see next year
An awful lot has been said and written about the 2007 Formula One season, and not much of it has been very positive. Rather than dwelling on feuding team-mates, the trashing of reputations among drivers and team principals alike, the alleged behind-the-scenes fisticuffs, the legalities of flexible floors or cooled fuel, and exactly what it was that Nigel Stepney said to Mike Coughlan, let’s accentuate the positives.
F1 season finale: liveblog
We were there – or, at least, slaving over a hot keyboard in front of the telly. Selflessly, we brought you every kerb and rumble-strip, every overtake and unscheduled excursion into the gravel (as if we wouldn’t have been watching it anyway). Recreate the thrills and spills, the elation and the disappointment of the big day with our minute-by-minute liveblog.
F1: and then he said…
“This is the story of two F1 teams, McLaren Mercedes and Scuderia Ferrari. These are the McLaren drivers, and these are from Ferrari, and this is F1 soap! keeping us all unreasonably entertained well into the off-season.”
Ron Dennis – a new career beckons
It’s been a truly torrid few days for the hard man of F1. Drivers squabbling like schoolkids and threatening to collect their toys and go home, sinister machinations at the FIA, constructors’ points docked and this epic blood feud with the family men from the Scuderia on his hands, to be carried on unto his sons and his sons’ sons. Surely he must wake up some mornings and ask himself: is all this worthwhile?
McLaren appeal rejected
McLaren’s appeal against the result of the Brazilian Grand Prix was rejected by the FIA. The sport’s International Court of Appeal ruled that the team’s protest against the decision of race stewards not to punish the Sauber and Williams teams at the Brazilian Grand Prix was inadmissible.

And finally: our favourite ad of the season. The ending makes us laugh every time. If only things could have stayed this friendly…


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