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25 Mar 2010: The UK’s highest-ever car insurance payout is not going to Sir Jackie Stewart

A Pagani Zonda S supercar is the subject of a £300,000 insurance payout after it crashed in Scotland in September during a test drive, leaving it in need of extensive repairs.

17 Jan 2009: A bit too much right boot?

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, a new perspective on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ferrari incident.

8 Jan 2009: Ronaldo writes off his Fiorano

In our quest to serve up the exploits of those people who really shouldn’t have beautiful motors if they can’t treat them properly, we bring you… drum roll… Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, the winger has winged his Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorino in spectacular fashion.

31 Dec 2008: Sun says Ferrari ‘turned into fireball’ by Saudi prince

The Ferrari 360 Modena – the forerunner of the 430 and as nice a motor as you could want to see parked on your drive. Financial adviser Andrew Hobb was using a luxury car agency to hire his out – but, to his discomfort, he didn’t get it back again. Instead it was crashed and reduced to a blackened shell.

13 Oct 2008: Out of the black – and into the red?

Now the Japanese Grand Prix is out of the way, we’ve got the chance to post something that caught our eye last weekend. This is the story of the Carbon Black rally, an event where people with more money than sense smash up prestige motors and, these days, get arrested for their pains.

4 Oct 2008: Fan pays £200k for Bond’s wrecked Aston

A new Aston Martin DBS V12, of the sort driven by James Bond in his most recent movie outings would probably set you back in the region of £150,000. By the time it’s been used in the filming and wrecked by a stuntman? The value has gone up to no less than £200,000.

12 Sep 2008: Fans crash German supercar on first outing

Somewhere a couple of German petrolheads are doubtless feeling incredibly silly as they explain their lack of supercar driving skills to some unsympathetic police officers.

9 Jul 2008: Whoops! There goes £50k worth of Mercedes McLaren front wing…

Deary me, someone’s broken another £300,000 supercar – this time after it got tangled up with an 18-wheel truck.

6 Jun 2008: F1: Lewis on dad’s Porsche crash: “I just laughed”

Here’s more evidence of why you should never, never expect any sympathy whatsoever from your kids.

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