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6 May 2010: Drivers take sick youngsters on dream Ferrari trip around Silverstone

Seriously-ill youngsters have had the thrill of a drive in a Ferrari road car around Silverstone thanks to members of the British Racing Drivers’ Club.

24 Jun 2009: Top Gear: Peppercorn, Jaguar, Black Shadow… and the man they call The Stig

So… it’s a tough call, taking a series into its 13th season. And we’re asking the question we always ask at this point in the run. Is the format still fresh? Can the guys still cut it? Is it still, basically, as silly, as laugh-out-loud funny and as occasionally poignant as we’ve come to expect?

6 Mar 2009: Over the White Line: Black is the new black at the Beeb

You can tell that the F1 season is less than a month away, that a new broadcaster has the rights to screen it, and that other big, important things are afoot. Because the Beeb has turned its site black…

17 Jan 2009: A bit too much right boot?

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, a new perspective on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ferrari incident.

8 Jan 2009: Ronaldo writes off his Fiorano

In our quest to serve up the exploits of those people who really shouldn’t have beautiful motors if they can’t treat them properly, we bring you… drum roll… Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, the winger has winged his Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorino in spectacular fashion.

31 Dec 2008: Sun says Ferrari ‘turned into fireball’ by Saudi prince

The Ferrari 360 Modena – the forerunner of the 430 and as nice a motor as you could want to see parked on your drive. Financial adviser Andrew Hobb was using a luxury car agency to hire his out – but, to his discomfort, he didn’t get it back again. Instead it was crashed and reduced to a blackened shell.

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