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Fan pays £200k for Bond’s wrecked Aston

A new Aston Martin DBS V12, of the sort driven by James Bond in his most recent movie outings, would probably set you back in the region of £150,000.

By the time it’s been used in filming and wrecked by a stuntman? The value has gone up to no less than £200,000.


According to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper, A Quantum of Solace star Daniel Craig has revealed how a fan has paid that much to get hold of the battered remnants of this once-beautiful machine.

It was completely totalled after the stuntman lost it on a slippery bend during filming and the results really were not pretty. Read the full story and get a link to footage of its recovery here >>

That, you might think, could happen to anyone. Except, four days later, they did for an Alfa. Hey-ho.

We’ll let the paper take the story up from here:

Fan paid £200k for wrecked James Bond Aston Martin

[Daniel] Craig said: “I think somebody paid about £200,000 for this written-off Aston Martin. It was a Bond aficionado.”

The car was one of six Aston Martins Fraser used on the set of Quantum Of Solace, the 21st Bond film. It had been due to take part in a lakeside scene in which Craig roars away from the site of a fireball crash and a truck ends up in the water.

Craig added: “It was early morning. It was a winding road. It was wet and I think he just lost control.

“But who cares? Because he’s fine and it’s only a car. I saw him the other night and shook his hand.” Read the full story here…

One thing we do know. If we had £200,000 to lay out on a supercar, then we would expect it to go. And we wouldn’t try to drive it around Lake Garda.


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