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9 Feb 2009: How the other half live…

This one, from FIA president and all-round toff Max Mosley, is a few days old, but is such a classic that it transcends topicality.

17 Jan 2009: A bit too much right boot?

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, a new perspective on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ferrari incident.

12 Jan 2009: Richards: cash crunch still hasn’t sunk in for F1

We’ll pass on more or less without comment some recent words from Prodrive chief David Richards about the economic challenges currently facing top-flight motorsport, because they pretty much speak for themselves.

16 Oct 2008: Sponsor banned for pit-lane driver assault

Now, here’s something you don’t read about every day – the story of a sponsor who has reportedly taken his investment in a motorsport team a little bit too seriously.

5 Sep 2008: F1: the lighter side of Belgium

For some reason the pre-race publicity for the Belgian Grand Prix has thrown up a bumper crop of funny quotes. We can only speculate that everyone connected with F1 is on a carbohydrate high from the waffles and the French fries.

8 Jun 2008: F1: what really revs Lewis Hamilton’s engine?

Lest any of our readers be concerned that Lewis Hamilton’s head is being turned by fame, fortune and success, fear not. Proof has come our way that the young man still knows exactly where his priorities should lie.

28 May 2008: F1: the innocence of James Allen

Ha! We were worried that the BBC had trashed its sporting quote of the week column as we couldn’t find it on the site.

25 Apr 2008: F1: what goes around comes around

Like many other people we were interested to read this quote from Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo asked whether he was planning to sign Fernando Alonso in 2009.

25 Apr 2008: F1: asking rather too much of Giancarlo Fisichella

We came across a very earnest and worthy press release from rapidly up-and-coming F1 team Force India today that made us die with laughter – for all the wrong reasons.

1 Apr 2008: F1: Hamilton’s dodgy maths

For everyone who’s sick of Lewis Hamilton being portrayed as the golden boy of motorsport – and there are a few of them out there – fear not. We bring you the brickbats as well as the bouquets here at Brits on Pole.

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