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F1: Lewis on dad’s Porsche crash: “I just laughed”

Here’s more evidence of why you should never, never expect any sympathy whatsoever from your kids.

The following quotes are from Lewis Hamilton on hearing about dad Anthony’s regrettable encounter with a hedge after he lost the back of a Porsche Carrera GT supercar just a couple of hundred metres out of his Hertfordshire drive.


For the full story, see our post here >>

He reportedly said: “I got Dad’s email yesterday and I just laughed. He is a very good driver but I don’t know what he was up to.”

Another publication has him saying: “My dad’s my manager and loves cars. But, whenever we go somewhere, I’d always rather go by train.”

We are reminded of that interview with Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear in which he sauys: “If we’re on the road, or something like that, he truly believes he’s a better driver than me and, if he had the opportunity, he would have been in Formula One right now.” (roundabout 3:20 on the video, follow the link)

We say: just you watch out for the Wall of Champions this weekend, young Lewis. Because Dad won’t be too impressed at all if you hit it.


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