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10 Mar 2009: F1: Who needs Lewis Hamilton when the car drives itself?

Usually we find ourselves downright bored with Vodafone’s attempts to involve Lewis Hamilton in their viral marketing campaigns – but here’s one that actually has some racing content.

23 Jan 2009: Over the white line: Ben Collins is still The Stig…

What we’d really like to know is, if Ben Collins (aka The Stig) was a stunt driver on recent Bond film A Quantum of Solace, how many Aston Martins does he have on his conscience?

4 Oct 2008: Fan pays £200k for Bond’s wrecked Aston

A new Aston Martin DBS V12, of the sort driven by James Bond in his most recent movie outings would probably set you back in the region of £150,000. By the time it’s been used in the filming and wrecked by a stuntman? The value has gone up to no less than £200,000.

21 Apr 2008: Wrecked Bond car: could happen to anyone, mate…

Brits on Pole is back from its holiday – and before we get back to srs bzns, including Danica Patrick’s IndyCar win and the Barcelona Grand Prix previews, here’s a little light relief. This is one for every single person who has ever had an embarrassing motor accident – pity this poor professional driver who has managed to completely total James Bond’s Aston Martin after losing it on a slippery bend.

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