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Whoops! There goes £50k worth of Mercedes McLaren front wing…

Deary me, someone’s broken another £300,000 supercar – this time after it got tangled up with an 18-wheel truck.

But seriously, you have to feel a bit sorry for this poor sod of a delivery driver, employed by a luxury car-hire firm, who was trying to make his way through London’s rush hour in a motor that by all accounts can be a bit of a handful.


With its supercharged 5.4-litre V8 engine, carbon-fibre body, limited production run and the world’s fastest automatic transmission, the Mercedes McLaren SLR is not a stand-out choice for a commuters’ runaround.

Two minutes away from his client in Fulham, as he edged his way through horrible traffic, the car and the truck had what F1 commentators euphemistically call “a coming-together” and the Mercedes’ front wing was torn off.

Picture and driver quotes here >> (link goes to the Daily Mail website)

The Daily Mail claims that the driver estimated the damage at £50,000 (at least) and a McLaren tow truck whisked the vehicle away to its specialist bodyshop for repairs.

The driver refused to give journalists his name.

Humorous comments about Anthony Hamilton taking a second job to support his young son’s racing career are, of course, utterly scurrilous and quite unworthy of a serious motor racing site.

Good thing we’re not always very serious, isn’t it?


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