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Fans crash German supercar on first outing


Dear oh dear oh dear.

Somewhere a couple of German petrolheads are doubtless feeling incredibly silly as they explain their lack of supercar driving skills to some unsympathetic police officers.


Where to begin? Well, The BMW-powered Vermot Veritas RS III is a dream – a sleek concept car that’s just gone into production and which does more than 200mph.

It takes its name from a famous post-war sports car company historically linked with the Nurburgring. With a five-litre BMW V8 or V10 powerplant, 600bhp, carbon-kevlar construction and barely enough bodywork to deck out your average motorcycle, it is slated to do 0-60 in around three seconds.

A pretty serious piece of kit, by all accounts, and recently on display at a car dealership in Moenchengladbach.

Well, according to current news reports, two middle-aged fans managed to persuade the manager to let them take one of these beauties for a drive.

And the result?

You don’t really want to hear this – unless you get a great big kick out of that particularly German vice, schadenfreude.

That means taking delight in the misfortunes of others, in this case the hapless duo that managed to wrap the £250,000 motor around a lamp-post.

According to the news service Ananova, the men are called Martin Holtz, 44, and Friedrich Voller, 53, and they lost control of the car within minutes of taking the wheel.

They were subsequently arrested. A police spokesman said: “The car is immensely powerful and they grossly overestimated their driving skills.”

Hard to argue with that.

The car is reportedly being salvaged by mechanics. Ouch and ouch again.


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