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Richards: cash crunch still hasn’t sunk in for F1

We’ll pass on more or less without comment these words from David Richards about the economic challenges currently facing top-flight motorsport, because they pretty much speak for themselves:

I think there are still many people in F1 (for whom) reality has not yet sunk in about just how bad the situation is out there in the world – in business, commerce and everyone’s way of life at the moment. If Formula One does not reconnect itself with its fan base and with the man in the street, and bring itself down to earth, I fear for its future. I know some people at the top end of the sport are addressing that and are well aware of that…It is a bitter medicine that is required at the moment but it has to be done.

I would regard [the 2009 changes] as modest inroads if I am honest with you. When you make changes to thing, and you have to make a radical shift to get back to a sustainable level, you make that one-hit, one cut very quickly to get it done and then move forward from that point. You don’t do it by a series of 1000 cuts. If I was involved I would be pushed hard for a lot deeper cuts a lot quicker.

You can read the full interview here >>



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