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F1: Hamilton’s dodgy maths

For everyone who’s sick of Lewis Hamilton being portrayed as the golden boy of motorsport – and there are a few of them out there – fear not.

We bring you the brickbats as well as the bouquets here at Brits on Pole. And where the pundits fear to tread, the fans are ruthless. Take for example this contribution to the latest Quotes of the Week from the BBC, usually a good bet for anyone looking for a tongue-tied racing driver or commentator:


“I got a really good start and was pretty happy as we jumped five positions from ninth to fifth.”
Lewis Hamilton after the Malaysian GP. I guess he was out karting during his maths lessons? (Dave Bingham, UK).

Whoops. Oh well, if he was, at least it stood him in reasonable stead in later life. Especially as he can presumably now afford to employ someone to do his counting for him…

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