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F1: what really revs Lewis Hamilton’s engine?

Lest any of our readers be concerned that Lewis Hamilton’s head is being turned by fame, fortune and success, fear not. Proof has come our way that the young man still knows exactly where his priorities should lie.

And those are? Chrome rims and a really expertly-applied Mercedes Benz body kit, if an article by The Telegraph’s motor racing correspondent Kevin Garside is anything to go by.


And it’s surprisingly hard to argue with his choice.

Following him rhapsodising about how he could fit 24-in alloys to his Mercedes GL 420 “pimp wagon” on Top Gear, here’s some news on how Lewis chose to spend his time on a recent visit to America’s glamorous West coast:

F1’s Lewis Hamilton has PR spin under control

Los Angeles is less a city, more a state of mind. Fear not. Hamilton’s head is not for turning. He entered the MTV bash unseen through a back door and left unsoiled by a camera lens. This was Hamilton’s first visit to Los Angeles, an opportunity to see a few chums en route to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Why not? It’s good to be 23 years old. “I did some sightseeing, had some fun and chilled around Hollywood. I love LA. I went to the MTV awards but kept it low profile. No one knew I was there. I went to the biggest Merc dealership in the world in Santa Monica. These cars had chrome rims and real body kits on them. I like that stuff when it is done properly, not too cheaply.” Read full story here…

Yay for chrome rims and real body kits!


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