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3 Jun 2009: Fantasy F1: Monaco – we find gloom amidst the glamour

This never happened to the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo – we played one of our Fantasy F1 jokers in the Monaco Grand Prix and scored big on Jenson Button, but so did everybody else and it earned us naff all.

13 May 2009: Fantasy F1: it’s like we never turned up…

We kind of feel that, reviewing the results of our fantasy F1 league for the outcome of the Spanish Grand Prix that Team Brits on Pole might have been better off not turning up at all.

1 May 2009: Fantasy F1: Bahrain marked by modest gains

In Bahrain we picked up 28 places as a result of all of our drivers finishiing the race, as well as occupying the top four spots. But we were far from the only people who started the main season feeling that Button, Vettel and Trulli would shine.

23 Apr 2009: Fantasy F1: Subdued start for Brits on Pole

And they’re off… the third race of the 2009 season was the first that counted towards the season total in our fantasy F1 league. Unfortunately it was not a stunning one for Brits on Pole.

13 Apr 2009: Fantasy F1: Collect those McLaren points while you can…

Dilemmas, dilemmas. Having used up our two races’ worth of introductory fantasy F1 flexibility, the picture about how the season will play out is still distressingly unclear.

13 Nov 2008: Five tips for fantasy F1 success in 2009

And so our year in McLaren’s Grand Prix League competition comes to an end. We had fun, did moderately well – and learned a few handy lessons for next year. Here they are.

28 Oct 2008: Fantasy F1: a semi-last hurrah in Shanghai

Never mind Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa. As we come to the close of the 2008 season, let’s not forget about all those fantasy F1 players who are on tenterhooks to find out how they’re going to do in their respective leagues.

17 Oct 2008: Fantasy F1: Brits On Pole float a little higher

So, how did our McLaren Grand Prix League 2008 team perform at Fuji?

4 Oct 2008: Fantasy F1: Bring us oxygen, the air’s too thin up here

Good results for Team BritsOnPole following the delayed Belgium and the Singapore updates…

18 Sep 2008: Fantasy F1: we’re all in limbo following Belgium

We’d like to bring you an update on the Brits on Pole team’s recent performance in McLaren’s Grand Prix League 2008 fantasy F1 competition – but there’s a slight hitch.

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