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Fantasy F1: it’s like we never turned up…


We kind of feel that, reviewing the results of our fantasy F1 league for the outcome of the Spanish Grand Prix that Team Brits on Pole might have been better off not turning up at all.

The reason? Up 28 places overall last time around – down 26 this time. We could have saved ourselves the air fare and the hospitality bill :D


Ho hum. There’s always someone worse off than you, in this case the 200-odd players in the bottom half of the table – so we can’t complain too loudly.

And there will hopefully be a chink of light next week – the first of our bonus races is coming up. The points awarded to the race’s pole sitter will be added to our score for the race weekend – let’s just hope that, if it’s Jenson Button or Sebastian Vettel, we get them twice.

Come on, boys, we’re counting on you.

Check out the F1 Fantasy Racing League site here >>

Here’s Team BritsOnPole’s overall position:

  Chi Bah Spn Total
Hamilton 131 142 127 400
Heidfeld 96 79 140 315
Vettel 161 154 154 469
Trulli 52 172 38 262
Rosberg 97 111 127 335
Button 148 164 171 483
Red Bull 100 80 80 260
Brawn GP 80 100 100 280
Interest 40 40 40 120
Totals   905 1042 977
Overall       2924

Position in Spain results: In a four-way tie for 208th

Position overall: 182 out of 400 – down 26 places on last week


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