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Fantasy F1: Collect those McLaren points while you can…

Dilemmas, dilemmas. Having used up our two races’ worth of introductory fantasy F1 flexibility, the picture about how the season will play out is still distressingly unclear.

We have until Thursday to make our final picks for the season. By then we will know the results of the diffuser hearing, but will have to take a flyer on whether to stick with Lewis Hamilton and McLaren.


Indeed, the presumption is that possibly the driver, and probably the team, are facing a suspension or a ban. That means that to leave them in any fantasy squad could prove to be an insuperable handicap. And we don’t find out until April 29.

What to do, what to do? As things stand we are minded to swap McLaren for Red Bull, having had the experience of being stuck with Super Aguri last year long past the point when they were active. It is a very frustrating experience.

Thrash out your own dilemmas here with the F1 Fantasy Racing League >>

But we think we’ll probably retain Lewis Hamilton. Also, Mark Webber goes and Nick Heidfeld comes in – you can’t ignore the formbook and Heidfeld is always a tremendously reliable scorer in these games.

Whereas Webber? Buckets of talent, likeability and determination. Let’s just say that if complete and utter chaos was lightning, he’d be the sort to stand on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armour and shouting ‘All gods are bastards’ (to borrow from a famous author).

However we have three more days to think about this, and may change our minds again.

To recap on the season so far, here are our results (Australia, Malaysia, totals):

Hamilton 170 103 273

Vettel 108 62 170

Trulli 113 119 232

Webber 101 105 206

Rosberg 152 99 251

Button 163 156 319

McLaren 80 50 130

Brawn GP 100 100 200

Interest 25 25 50

Total 1012 819 1831

Now the league resets. Since we are currently 29th – and not in the top three – we don’t get to carry any points forward into the competition.

Top five Malaysia performers for comparison:

1 3M Racing: 1008
2 Cheap Skates Racing: 989
3 Johor fc: 989
4 ShawnOnSlicks: 984
5 Dave T2: 968

Brits on Pole was 49th. Bottom performer scored 365.

Top five overall performers:

1 Cheap Skates Racing 2129
2 3M Racing 2128
3 Chase ME 2107
4 ShawnOnSlicks 2101
5 Dave T2 2074

Brits on Pole is currently 29th. Bottom performer is on 599.

Fingers crossed for the next couple of weeks…


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