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Fantasy F1: a semi-last hurrah in Shanghai

Never mind Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa. As we come to the close of the 2008 season, let’s not forget about all those fantasy F1 players who are on tenterhooks to find out how they’re going to do in their respective leagues.

Some will be on for fantastic prizes. For us, playing in the McLaren Grand Prix League 2008 competition, it’s the more modest goal of hoping to come within spitting distance of the top 3,000.


Earlier in the season, when we were below the half-way mark in a field of approximately 20,000 players, that would have seemed impossible – so we can’t claim to be too disappointed.

At China we scored 388 points against a leading score of 505. That leaves us on 6,052 points for the season so far, against a high score (by the amusingly-named jpmonty, it’ll be hilarious if a team with that moniker ends up taking the tour of McLaren Towers) of 6,895.

This leaves us going into Interlagos in 3,082nd position in a field of 19,657 players. Wish us (and everybody else in the same boat) luck!


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