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Fantasy F1: Bahrain marked by modest gains

So, how did we do in Bahrain? The answer is moderately well, picking up 28 places in the standings, as a result of all of our drivers finishiing the race, as well as occupying the top four spots.

It was only 28 places, however, because we were far from the only people who started the main season feeling that Button, Vettel and Trulli would shine, and that Hamilton was likely to make a comeback from his poor season start.


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Trulli has always been a reliable fantasy league standby but it gives us no pleasure whatsoever to see Nick Heidfeld, who has always been a must-pick in previous years, doing so badly.

And Nico Rosberg would be worth more if only he could convert his stellar performances in the practice sessions, which he regularly tops, into something a little more points-orientated. But we’re far from the only people saying that, and maybe it will come.

We don’t seem to have done too badly with teams either, since we’re running with Brawn GP and Red Bull – the latter a deadline-fuelled swap for McLaren when it looked like they would be serving a race ban. We’re very glad that didn’t happen, but a little discomforted at dropping the team and then finding we didn’t need to.

Still, as a practically-minded reader of our Twitter feed pointed out, we are likely to do rather well out of them.

Success in our league at the moment is dependent on successful deployment of one’s bonus options – choosing three races on which one can score a bagful of bonus points. One of ours is coming up soon, and we shall see how much we manage to make out of it.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the breather before Spain. Here are our results so far, bearing in mind that the first two races were non-scoring practice events, and this is why they are not listed:

  Chi Bah Total
Hamilton 131 142 273
Heidfeld 96 79 175
Vettel 161 154 315
Trulli 52 172 224
Rosberg 97 111 208
Button 148 164 312
Red Bull 100 80 180
Brawn GP 80 100 180
Interest 40 40 80
Total 905 1042 1947

Position in Bahrain results: In a four-way tie for 118th

Position overall: 156 out of 400 – up 28 places on last week


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