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Fantasy F1: Monaco – we find gloom amidst the glamour


This never happened to the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo – we played one of our Fantasy F1 jokers in the Monaco Grand Prix and scored big on Jenson Button, but so did everybody else and it earned us naff all.

In fact, as a result of the bonus points scored by Team BritsOnPole when Our Jense won from pole, we climbed a mighty seven places to the dizzying heights of 175th out of 417. Woo.


Perhaps it was Monaco’s reputation as a circuit where overtaking is difficult, but half of the teams in the Fantasy F1 contest we’re part of chose to play one of their bonuses – either doubling points, scoring for a random driver, or scoring for the polesitter’s results.

Which is why, far from catapulting us up the rankings, it ended up doing little more than help us break even.

Still, could have been a lot worse if we hadn’t played the bonus. And in Turkey it probably will be since there’s one thing you can be sure of – we haven’t picked Ferrari.

Check out the F1 Fantasy Racing League site here >>

Here’s Team BritsOnPole’s overall position:

  Chi Bah Spn Mon Total
Hamilton 131 142 127 132 532
Heidfeld 96 79 140 129 444
Vettel 161 154 154 57 526
Trulli 52 172 38 123 385
Rosberg 97 111 127 150 485
Button 148 164 171 183 666
Red Bull 100 80 80 70 330
Brawn GP 80 100 100 100 380
Interest 40 40 40 40 1260
Bonus       183 183
Totals 905 1042 1167 977  
Overall         4091

Position in Monaco results: in a two-way tie for 138th

Position overall: 175 out of 417, up seven places on the last race


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