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9 Jun 2010: Top Gear expected back on June 27. Maybe.

The new season of Top Gear is apparently due to hit our screens on June 27, according to the latest edition of its spin-off magazine. Or is it?

13 Apr 2010: Competition: Meet The Stig and drive the Top Gear track

Ever fancied trying your hand at legendary, world-famous corners like Hammerhead, Gambon and the Bacharach Bend – in something more glamorous than a reasonably-priced car? Look no further.

8 Apr 2010: Hot lava and tyres don’t mix, as Top Gear has found out

If you want to get maximum wear from your tyres, your best bet is probably not to drive to an active volcano and test them to destruction by driving on hot lava. But, there again, when did Top Gear ever give a flying fig about the practicalities of motoring?

20 Dec 2009: F1: Button loses out to Hamilton in Top Gear’s reasonably-priced car

Jenson Button’s second opportunity to put one over new team-mate Lewis Hamilton has come to naught after he was two-tenths of a second slower in Top Gear’s Reasonably-Priced Car challenge.

20 Nov 2009: Top Gear: Why James May is becoming the ultimate geek made good

It’s our habit to review the first episode of Top Gear in a new season to see how well the formula is still working – and this time around we’ve come to rather a startling conclusion. Increasingly, it’s all about James May.

24 Jun 2009: Top Gear: Peppercorn, Jaguar, Black Shadow… and the man they call The Stig

So… it’s a tough call, taking a series into its 13th season. And we’re asking the question we always ask at this point in the run. Is the format still fresh? Can the guys still cut it? Is it still, basically, as silly, as laugh-out-loud funny and as occasionally poignant as we’ve come to expect?

21 Jun 2009: Top Gear: The Stig unmasked – it’s Schumi!

It is said that he once ate 15 jars of pickled onions then refused to use the bathroom for a week. And secret racing driver cabals meet to worship stacks of his used tyres. Who else could The Stig be but Schumi?

21 Jun 2009: Trailer for tonight’s new series of Top Gear

Tonight The Stig is unmasked on BBC Two in front of a waiting nation. Michael Schumacher? Lewis Hamilton? Billie Piper? Oh, no, not Jason Kay, for the love of God.

17 Feb 2009: So, does The Stig wear socks? Check for yourself…

Some say he invented Branston Pickle and that if you insult his mother, he will headbutt you in the chest. Others claim he once wrestled an elephant to the ground using the power of his mind and an alarming hairstyle. Well, now you can potentially check all this out for yourself.

6 Feb 2009: Over the white line: ITV F1 refuses to go quietly

This week we were pleased to find ourselves being followed on Twitter by ITV F1. This is not to claim we’ve had a rare experience, or that we are special little flowers. But it does make us glad to see that the team is refusing to go quietly.

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