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Top Gear: The Stig unmasked – it’s Schumi!

It is said that he once ate 15 jars of pickled onions then refused to use the bathroom for a week. And secret racing driver cabals meet to worship stacks of his used tyres.

Of course it had to be Schumi, once you stopped to think about it.


Michael Schumacher put on the iconic white race suit and helmet to take part in tonight’s opening episode of season 13 of Top Gear – a clip that is set to become one of the show’s iconic moments.

The fact that it might be the planet’s top racing driver donning the disguise became clear a short while before his unmasking when he was given a £1 million Ferrari to drive, one they don’t normally let out of the factory.

Hmmm. Who would the Scuderia entrust with one of those?

We definitely recommend watching this for yourself – it is a very funny piece of telly. Especially note the little wink Schumi gives Clarkson just after the helmet comes off. You can see the full episode here if watching from the UK: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer

We like him much more since he retired and is not regularly messing up our weekend’s entertainment by so inconsiderately winning all the time.

At the end of the show The Stig was shown taking to the Reasonably-Priced Car and making a right mess of driving it. Clarkson’s final words: “I don’t think Michael Schumacher is The Stig. I think we made it up…”

It seems like the legend is set to live on…

• Brits on Pole will be doing a full episode review tomorrow.


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