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Top Gear expected back on June 27. Maybe.

The new season of Top Gear is apparently due to hit our screens on June 27, according to the latest edition of its spin-off magazine. Check it out here.

Or is it?


There has been no official word and, of course, it is extremely possible that the magazine had to go to press long before the final broadcast date was settled.

In fact this is pretty much a wild rumour sweeping the internet of the kind that accuses The Stig of being a photocopier salesman from Bolton or living in a pebbledashed house in Bristol. There’s a lot of it about…

The fact is that we might actually have to wait well into July to view Season 15 and to learn exactly how aerodynamic you can make a Winnebago. Come on, now, have a word with yourselves.

Because we must also ask if the BBC will really pit the show against the World Cup? Well, that’s no problem as far as we can see. Because if anyone can drag the punters away from the spectacle of supposedly top-class international football and back to BBC Two, it’s Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Speculation is also rife that the Beeb will wait until Sunday July 18 – a full week after the World Cup final. (And the British Grand Prix for that matter. Who on earth made that scheduling decision? Oh, wait…)

Season 15 will be six episodes long and will contain such well-publicised stunts as melting the tyres on a super-truck by driving up an erupting Icelandic volcano and pushing a motor-home off a cliff.

Of course, it’s not like you’ve been short of opportunities to watch the guys in action in the meantime, since the show airs on cable channel Dave several times a day and is also all over the iPlayer.

But that’s not the point really, is it?

We’re all gagging to know what heights of inspired buggering about the crew have ascended to this time. And we’re sure that for you, like us, the new season can’t come soon enough.

Until we know for certain, you can reminisce about past season-openers with our coverage below. All together now: “Aber ja, natürlich Hans nass ist, er steht unter einem Wasserfall…”

Not Dave – but somehow very similar

“I know exactly what this is. He was telling me the other day that he’s been fed up with newspapers and, I suppose, internet geeks as well speculating that he’s a photocopier salesman from Bolton or that he lives in a pebbledashed house in Bristol… There’s a lot of it about.”

“The fact is that Jeremy Clarkson is, on this journey, a stoker. And I should think he’ll be dead by the end of the platform.”

” D – o – p – p – e – l – k – u – p – p – l – u – n – g – s – g – e. T – r – i – e…b..e… James, do you know what that means? You speak German…”

“What’s the matter, Captain Slow?”
“I’ve just been talking to my mum. She says, when we’re bigger, we won’t be able to play with toys any more…”


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