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Competition: Meet The Stig and drive the Top Gear track


Ever fancied trying your hand at legendary, world-famous corners like Hammerhead, Gambon and the Bacharach Bend?

Previously your only option was to become a very moderately famous celebrity, at which point you would be eligible to tackle the Dunsfold Aerodrome circuit in a charming Chevrolet Lacetti, or latterly a Suzuki Liana, while participating in Top Gear’s Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car segment under the watchful eye of The Stig.


However, in order to qualify, you would for example have to go to the effort of writing and starring in a BBC Three sitcom, releasing a crap single or attending literally hundreds of promotional events while wearing orange fake tan and very little else.

Overcook things, and become ever so slightly too famous, and your chance is blown forever. What a nightmare.

We are probably not alone in thinking it might not be worth the trouble just to test the limits of a relatively sedate family car – even with The Stig on hand to impart secret racing driver handling tips.

But now things have changed, oh yes. Now things are very different.

Top Gear has teamed up with Nissan, which has a new car to promote. It is offering 20 people the chance to visit the two-mile long Top Gear test track on June 15 and try their hands at getting the maximum performance from the new Nissan 370Z.

The organisers say: “And did we mention – all this takes place under the watchful visor of the man in white, the world’s fastest man-machine, Top Gear’s tame racing driver The Stig.”

How to find out more? By watching this video, of course.

And you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the track (except perhaps the identity of its most famous occupant) here.

Disclosure: we get paid a small sum of money for encouraging you to view this – which will probably add up to just about enough to cover our bus fare into town next time we want to buy a copy of Autosport. Just so you know.


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