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So, does The Stig wear socks? Check for yourself…


Some say he invented Branston Pickle and that if you insult his mother, he will headbutt you in the chest.

Others claim he once wrestled an elephant to the ground using the power of his mind and an alarming hairstyle. Or that it’s almost impossible for him to wear socks.


Colleagues at Top Gear claim that, in Thailand, it is an offence to construct a building in the shape of the Stig. Fortunately, this is a really stupid idea anyway, and no one has ever tried.

Well, now you can potentially check all these fascinating facts out for yourself in a competition to win a drive with Ben Collins – sorry, we meant racing’s most enigmatic character – and raise cash for this year’s Red Nose Day on March 17.

A ride with the superstar driver at Top Gear’s very own test track is up for grabs in the charity auction. You can check it out (plus the terms and conditions) here. The auction ends on March 14.

As we write there have been 23 bids and the price stands at £3,600. Can you do better?


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