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22 May 2008: F1: your exclusive view of events in Monaco…

…is available on this webcam, covering the harbour area. You can clearly see the stands fill up and empty at the various times when things are happening on the circuit. It’s strangely exciting.

22 May 2008: F1 quotes: McLaren get reprieve from the hoi-polloi

Wouldn’t it be awful to be in the equivalent of Monaco’s economy class? Oh, the shame of being at the back of the queue at the F1 event of the year – and we’d like to bet that McLaren didn’t often have the equivalent experience of boarding a plane and turning right.

22 May 2008: F1: will Silverstone stalemate cost Britain its grand prix?

The British Grand Prix is under serious threat of ending, according to the Daily Telegraph, because the British Racing Drivers’ Club is refusing to sign Bernie Ecclestone’s standard European contract.

21 May 2008: Monaco GP: celebrating nearly 80 years of racing history

When Roy Hulsbergen got in touch recently, to tell us about his project to produce an online archive of video, pictures, anecdotes and memories celebrating nearly 80 years of grand prix racing in Monaco, we knew an interview with him would be the perfect way to celebrate the build-up to this year’s event.

13 May 2008: F1: who d’you think you are…

Keith Collantine, over at the F1 Fanatic blog, has had the wonderful experience of meeting and interviewing motor-racing legend Sir Stirling Moss.

13 May 2008: F1: Magny-Cours is off the calendar

Magny-Cours – the rural French racetrack famed for having facilities so poor that David Coulthard was inspired to go out and buy a motorhome – is officially off the F1 calendar.

13 May 2008: F1: gearing up for Monaco

The Monte Carlo Grand Prix remains our favourite race of the year – and we know that we’re hardly original in our choice. Small wonder then that, with the Monaco event less than two weeks away, the sport is already gearing up for its showcase fixture.

13 May 2008: F1 quotes: Webber threatens to get on his bike…

A slight deviation from the script now as we take a detour from the doings of British racing drivers to report some well-chosen words from the Australian Mark Webber.

13 May 2008: F1: now Massa joins Hamilton in shunning GPDA

An article in today’s Independent does Lewis Hamilton little credit, suggesting as it does that he won’t support the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association because he rather petulantly doesn’t want to pay the fees.

13 May 2008: F1: Webber praises reaction to Turkey dog hazard

Sunday’s GP2 race in Turkey brought scenes that few fans will have enjoyed watching – the sight of stray dogs venturing onto the Istanbul track and, in one case, being run down by Bruno Senna’s car.

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