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F1: Webber praises reaction to Turkey dog hazard

Sunday’s GP2 race in Turkey brought scenes that few fans will have enjoyed watching – the sight of stray dogs venturing onto the Istanbul track and, in one case, being run down by Bruno Senna’s car.

The notion that this could have happened during the F1 race is a scary one – particularly coming on the back of Kovalainen’s accident at Spain. While down to mechanical failure rather than some random external factor on the track, it was still a potent reminder of how dangerous the sport can be.


However Mark Webber, director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, has said he is happy with the way the problem was handled by race director Charlie Whiting.

According to Autosport.com, Whiting stepped in to ensure anti-canine measures were in place and ordered an investigation. He is also due to issue a report to the FIA expressing his concerns about the incident.

Webber said: “It is a serious issue. Not only for the dogs, it is cruel, but they should not be allowed to get anywhere near or inside a racing environment. It is also very dangerous for the drivers as well, and the last thing, which is the least important, is that it wrecks the racing.

“It is 2008 and I think we should have venues where these things don’t happen. They didn’t look like security dogs, they looked like strays — although they were pretty well fed and looked in good shape — especially the white one that Senna hit. I was happy to see the other one get away to be honest.”


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