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F1: Magny-Cours is off the calendar

Magny-Cours – the rural French racetrack famed for having facilities so poor that David Coulthard was inspired to go out and buy a motorhome – is officially off the F1 calendar.

But the good news is that Bernie Ecclestone has speculated about replacing it with a Parisian street grand prix – now that really would be something worth seeing.


If the Brits on Pole corporate memory is correct, and it will have to serve since we can’t find any online reference to this quote, DC also said something like this: “It’s the arsehole of the world – but I always seem to do well there.”

Today’s announcement, from Bernie himself who is offering his usual litany of complaints about location and facilities, means that the glittering world of international motorsport will no longer have to slum it au pays de campagne in poor imitation of a Stella Artois ad.

The French Grand Prix has taken place at Magny-Cours since 1991 and delays in finding a replacement venue could mean it drops off the calendar for 2009.

But locations like Evry and Versailles (towns near Paris) are under discussion, according to the French sports daily L’Equipe, as well as a venue near Disneyland Paris, God help us.


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