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F1 quotes: Webber threatens to get on his bike…


A slight deviation from the script now as we take a detour from the doings of British racing drivers to report some well-chosen words from the Australian Mark Webber.

We’re suckers for a good quote – and the forthright Webber is always a fruitful source. Why, only today he is reported as having summed up his team’s performance at Istanbul thus: “Renault shat all over us.”


If only more people in public life were so refreshingly frank. But this is not actually the remark that caught our notice.

That comes in a story on the BBC Sport website in which Webber discusses his future in F1 and reveals that he’d really like to stay with Red Bull, who he feels have the potential to do very well.

In passing, he has some advice that Lewis Hamilton could benefit from:

“What I love about this team is that I am employed to drive the car. If I have to do a PR day, I ride a jet ski instead of going to talk to people that don’t want to see me and I don’t want to see them. That’s great.”

Er, yes. No wirework for him, then. Anyway. Here’s what the former Minardi team member had to say about his driving future:

“I’ve always said I won’t be around forever fighting for 12th, 13th or 14th. I’ll just go and do something else. I have no interest in doing that whatsoever any more.

Being alongside Fernando [Alonso] in Barcelona, that’s good and motivates you during the week. But when you are getting smoked down at the back every week and it’s tough, I’d rather be riding my mountain bike with my dog.” Read full story here…

Now that’s what we call a well-balanced individual. And to see what he spends some of his off-track time doing, follow this link.


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