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F1 quotes: McLaren get reprieve from the hoi-polloi

Wouldn’t it be awful to be in the equivalent of Monaco’s economy class? Oh, the shame of being at the back of the queue at the F1 event of the year – and we’d like to bet that McLaren didn’t often have the equivalent experience of boarding a plane and turning right.

Until, that was, they got excluded from the constructors’ championship and found themselves at the distant end of the pit lane. Enforcing this was Mosley’s doing, as has become clear – for a full account, read these great quotes from Bernie in Autosport. We like to see the blame put squarely where it belongs.


Woking’s corporate attitude seems to have been that it’s an ill wind that blows no-one any good, and advantages have been found in this depressing situation.

The ability to make rapid and unobstructed exits from pit stops has been mentioned – something that we suppose Minardi, Jordan/Midland/Spyker or Super Aguri were never really in a position to test.

But, never fear. Bernie has come to the rescue and it is clear that McLaren’s giant motorhome will not have to be parked in the harbour after all. This from The Telegraph, culled from the very end of its latest Everything is Awful Nowadays story on the doomed British Grand Prix:

On a lighter note, McLaren find themselves moved back up to garage No 5 in the pit lane after three races among the poor people.

By virtue of their expulsion from the constructors’ championship last year, McLaren should have occupied the end slot from day one. After a reprieve in Australia and Malaysia they were dumped in Bahrain, only to be elevated on the waterfront.

What a relief. Is it possible that Mosley’s influence has perhaps waned significantly with Ecclestone since the Bahrain Grand Prix? Just asking.


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