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25 Apr 2008: F1: Brundle’s views on the season so far

There’s an interesting analysis by Martin Brundle on the ITV F1 website, covering what he thinks of the season so far – and what he thinks might be the hot prospects for the next few races.

25 Apr 2008: F1: what goes around comes around

Like many other people we were interested to read this quote from Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo asked whether he was planning to sign Fernando Alonso in 2009.

25 Apr 2008: F1: asking rather too much of Giancarlo Fisichella

We came across a very earnest and worthy press release from rapidly up-and-coming F1 team Force India today that made us die with laughter – for all the wrong reasons.

25 Apr 2008: F1: perhaps we’ve just led sheltered lives…

…but we can’t work out what on earth The Telegraph thinks its old mate Max Mosley’s been up to now. Take a look at this screengrab from its website.

25 Apr 2008: F1: Mosley will not attend Barcelona GP, but will be at Monaco

Beleagured motorsport boss Max Mosley has announced that he plans to attend the Monaco Grand Prix in two weeks time. The appearance will follow his absence at the Bahrain Grand Prix, where he was reportedly asked to stay away for fear of offending that country’s royal family, and the Barcelona Grand Prix, where a friendly crown prince of Jordan, HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, has come to his aid by inviting him to a rallying event instead.

25 Apr 2008: F1: Hamilton returns to Barcelona circuit as anti-racism campaign is launched

It’s the Spanish Grand Prix weekend – and the launch of the FIA’s much-anticipated anti-racism campaign announced after British driver Lewis Hamilton suffered racist abuse from fans at the circuit during testing in February.

25 Apr 2008: IRL: Patrick triumphs in Japan

Danica Patrick won IndyCar’s Japan 300, muting – but not completely silencing – the nagging voices asking when she’d finally win a race.

25 Apr 2008: A1GP: Swiss on a roll as victory looms

We’re back from holiday here at Brits on Pole, and catching up with everything we’ve missed – starting with A1GP’s Shanghai event, where Switzerland came close to wrapping up the championship and Ireland took another podium.

7 Apr 2008: F1: When The Telegraph deserts Mosley, he must be in trouble…

How things change in the space of a week. Especially The Telegraph’s editorial line on Max Mosley, it seems.

7 Apr 2008: F1: Brits on Pole – the Super Aguri of fantasy F1

This morning we awaken chastened to the harsh realities of life as F1 team principals. Our refusal to invest in Ferrari, our reliance on Lewis Hamilton and our backing of lots of promising-on-paper midfield drivers who largely ended in the gravel at Bahrain mean that we’re another 4,912 places adrift this morning in the McLaren Grand Prix League.

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