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F1: perhaps we’ve just led sheltered lives…


…but we can’t work out what on earth The Telegraph thinks its old mate Max Mosley’s been up to now. Take a look at this screengrab from its website:

The Telegraph: Muted welcome for Max Mosley in Jordan


Just in case that text’s a bit small, this is what it says:

Max Mosley met with a mixed reception at the inaugural World Rally of Jordan yesterday, his first public appearance following his exposure in a Sunday tabloid about his participation in a pseudo masochistic orgy.


OK, there are several possibilities here. One, that the phrase ‘pseudo-masochistic’ is a straight literal for ‘sado-masochistic’ – exactly the sort of inadvertently humorous thing that happens to newspapers all the time, even exalted broadsheets-of-record like The Telegraph.

Two, that this is a slightly thin bid to organise a defence against accusations of libelling Mr Mosley by implying that no genuine masochistic activity was engaged in whatsoever, oh no. And certainly nothing with Nazi overtones.

Or three, and we hope this isn’t true, the Brits on Pole management is about to find out about some embarrassing gaps in its sexual knowledge.

Answers on a postcard. Just not a picture postcard…


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