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F1: Brits on Pole – the Super Aguri of fantasy F1

This morning we awaken chastened to the harsh realities of life as F1 team principals.

Our refusal to invest in Ferrari, our reliance on Lewis Hamilton and our backing of lots of promising-on-paper midfield drivers who largely ended in the gravel at Bahrain mean that we’re another 4,912 places adrift this morning in the McLaren Grand Prix League.


Adrian Sutil, what has happened to you? Kazuki Nakajima, where is your early promise?

As a result of all this, and the fact that David Coulthard is starting to resemble one of those pensioners in a Nissan Micra who drives around determinedly at 20 miles per hour while souped-up Honda Civics sit on his bumper hooting, means that we are now rated 13,258th out of 19,240 players.

Some statistics: we scored 989 points overall while the winning team currently has 1,209. We took away 317 points from Bahrain while the best-performing team took away 457.

Most interestingly of all, the teams that are getting the job done have invested in BMW, Toyota, Honda and Force India. We had the foresight to pick BMW – but teaming them with Red Bull and Super Aguri may have been a bit silly, in hindsight.

But we can take it. The sports fan’s eternal lot is disappointment, after all.

We’re just coming to terms with the fact that we won’t be getting an exclusive tour of the McLaren Technology Centre through this route…


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