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F1: Who needs Lewis Hamilton when the car drives itself?

Usually we find ourselves downright bored with Vodafone’s attempts to involve Lewis Hamilton in their viral marketing campaigns – but here’s one that actually has some racing content.



It involves a couple of guys who you wouldn’t want to meet at a party converting an eponymous mobile gadget into a handset for a radio-controlled McLaren model car and re-creating Eau Rouge from office ring binders.

That in itself is not necessarily jumping up and down for your attention in this brave new world of information overload.

But then things get considerably more interesting – the radio-controlled action switches to a real-life, full-sized (we assume) MP4-23 with Lewis Hamilton wielding the remote control.

Not exactly a new idea – as James Allen points out, James Bond gets to do something similar with his Beemer in Tomorrow Never Dies.

And you probably recall this advert from a few years back featuring Williams drivers Ralf Schumacher and Juan-Pablo Montoya:

But it’s still pretty cool – just don’t crack any jokes about the Boy Wonder (or worse, his team-mate) being surplus to requirements.

On the other hand, if Ferrari could just sort this technology out for Kimi Raikkonen’s off days…


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