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Milbrook testing facility gets upgrade


A Bedfordshire test centre which contributes to the development of land vehicles from across Europe is to get new facilities as part of an upgrade.

Customers using Millbrook Proving Ground, near Ampthill, will benefit from an improved component testing laboratory (CTL) and safety systems department when the work is complete.


Millbrook’s new facilities are part of a wider infrastructure investment that includes an additional, more advanced full-vehicle climatic chamber.

Built by Climatec, the facility offers greater control of temperature gradient and improved flexibility, with temperature specification ranging from -55°C to +85°C, with 95 per cent relative humidity and the capacity to reduce airflow.

Millbrook says that it will now be easier to undertake testing on a variety of vehicle types, speeding up the overall testing process.

The first project for the new chamber will be for the manufacturer Holden. Millbrook is to conduct durability testing on bonnets and boot lids, as well as front and rear doors. Testing will take place under a number of temperature controlled conditions, including -30°C and up to 90 per cent relative humidity.

The CTL team has designed a bespoke rig to allow accurate and repeatable door slams up to 7m/s. It also allows for testing to be undertaken in both ‘normal’ and ‘abusive’ slam conditions.

Phil Glyn-Davis, head of safety at Millbrook, said: “We’re constantly evolving our facilities to ensure we provide our customers with the most rigorous and durable testing processes.

“In such a rapidly-moving industry, it is vital for manufacturers and suppliers to remain ahead of both legislation and consumer trends, when it comes to performance and safety.

“Our ongoing programme of focused strategic investment allows us to support our customers in these goals and complements the high level of commitment and experience within the Millbrook team.”

• For more information about Millbrook visit its website here.


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