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F1: All work and no play on Button’s 30th birthday?


Jenson Button celebrates his 30th birthday today – and will be marking it by going into work at the McLaren Technology Centre.

The team posted birthday wishes for its newest signing on its website this morning, inviting fans to send in their own good wishes and promising to pass them on.


It may seem like all work and no play for Button – but with McLaren’s new car due to be launched on January 29th and tested on track within days, this is a crucial point in the season for both team and driver.

Button himself acknowledged this while on stage at the Autosport International event last week, saying: “We’re hoping for a positive test, but there’s a lot of work to do before that. I’m in the simulator quite a lot before the first test, and I’m at the factory a lot.

“I want to get ready for the first test like it is the first race, because I don’t want any excuses when I get to Melbourne alongside Lewis. I want to be ready for the first race 100 per cent.”

“It is a very homely environment. I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s been great and they have such a passion for winning. You might not see that on the outside, but trust me, it’s there.”

By turning up for work today, Button’s certainly showing his passion for winning too. We’re sure all Brits on Pole readers will join us in wishing the current and hopefully future World Champion a great 30th birthday.

We’re sure it won’t be all work…


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