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29 Jun 2008: Mercedes Benz announces fossil fuel pull-out

Well, here’s an announcement with really far-reaching implications. The car manufacturer Mercedes Benz, motor-racing stalwart and McLaren engine supplier, has reportedly announced that it intends to stop producing cars that run on petrol or diesel.

25 Jun 2008: Can Top Gear still cut it?

We’ve been watching the same old Top Gear repeats until we can lip-synch along with Clarkson, Hammond and May. But this Sunday, finally, series 11 made its debut. So, was the first episode any good? Have the blokes found whole realms of untapped silliness to conquer, or is the format starting to get stale? Brits on Pole takes a look at the first episode and finds out.

17 Jun 2008: F1: Hamilton says he didn’t buy LEW1S plate

Update: seems like this one might not be true after all. ‘Scathing’ is probably the best description of Hamilton’s attitude when this was put to him at the Magny Cours press conference:

16 Jun 2008: John Surtees recognised with OBE in honours list

He’s the only person to win world titles on two wheels and four, he ran his own Formula One team, he was in charge of Britain’s A1GP entry – and now John Surtees can add the OBE to the MBE he earned in 1959 for his motorcycling exploits.

16 Jun 2008: Le Mans 24: Victory for McNish and Audi

Scotland’s Allan McNish has taken his second 24 Hours of Le Mans win, and first with Audi, triumphing in a thrilling race just a year after mechanical failure cost him a probable victory.

16 Jun 2008: F1: triathlon success for Jenson Button

It’s been a rough racing season for Jenson Button this year – so it was encouraging to see him put in a highly creditable performance in the Nokia Royal Windsor Triathlon on Sunday.

16 Jun 2008: Want to work or drive in motorsport? Read on…

‘The next Lewis Hamilton’ is a phrase that’s been done to death – but McLaren’s star driver has been pointing those coming after him in the right direction by heading a new initiative that aims to get more people involved in British motorsport.

9 Jun 2008: F1: Brundle in trouble after ‘pikey’ grid remark

Whoops – Lewis Hamilton wasn’t the only one with a red face in the aftermath of the Canadian Grand Prix this morning. Martin Brundle is is trouble for using the distinctly un-PC term ‘pikeys’ to describe the people repairing the damaged track surface.

9 Jun 2008: End of an era: TVR founder dies

Trevor Wilkinson, the man who founded a small sports car company in 1947 that went on to make his name literally synonymous with some of the most desirable cars on British roads, has died aged 85. He was the inspiration for everyone who dreamed of building a prototype sports car in their garage and turning it into an international brand.

5 Jun 2008: Anthony Hamilton crashes Porsche supercar

Oh, this is a story that is really painful to report. The Porsche Carrera GT is an incredibly rare, incredibly beautiful and incredibly powerful supercar. It has a 5.7L V10 power plant, a six-speed transmission, does 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds and is based on Le Mans technology. It will set you back £330,000. And Anthony Hamilton has just put one through a hedge.

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