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27 Aug 2009: British team breaks land speed record with near-140mph steam car

A British engineering team has bested a land speed milestone that has stood unbroken for more than a century with a steam-powered car that raced into the record books in the California desert.

15 Jan 2009: Over the white line: put a quid or two on Felipe…

Massa has proved he is superb racer who pulled a cracking 2008 season out of the hat to become Ferrari’s lead driver against all expectations. He could do with a clean slate this year, without Bernie stirring things.

2 Jan 2009: Now riding in an Aston could be easier than ever…

Depressed by the gloomy start to 2009, and the feeling that both motorsport and the right to own any vehicle more exciting than a Renault Clio are luxuries we may not enjoy for too much longer? Here’s a little light relief – the glamorous, weird and wonderful or downright eccentric British vehicles making headlines at the moment.

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