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22 May 2008: F1: your exclusive view of events in Monaco…

…is available on this webcam, covering the harbour area. You can clearly see the stands fill up and empty at the various times when things are happening on the circuit. It’s strangely exciting.

22 May 2008: F1: Catch up with RBR’s Coulthard and Newey

David Coulthard has hailed a breakthrough in Istanbul after he got to the chequered flag for the first time this season with no failures, collisions or crashes. Writing in his column on the ITV F1 website, he says: “I feel like I got a monkey off my back in Turkey.”

22 May 2008: F1: Honda Racing TV – great if you can find it…

Over at the Honda Racing website there’s some interesting stuff going on for anyone following the careers of Jenson Button and the various young British drivers on the fringes. The team has its own TV channel named (wait for it) Honda Racing TV.

22 May 2008: F1 quotes: McLaren get reprieve from the hoi-polloi

Wouldn’t it be awful to be in the equivalent of Monaco’s economy class? Oh, the shame of being at the back of the queue at the F1 event of the year – and we’d like to bet that McLaren didn’t often have the equivalent experience of boarding a plane and turning right.

22 May 2008: F1: will Silverstone stalemate cost Britain its grand prix?

The British Grand Prix is under serious threat of ending, according to the Daily Telegraph, because the British Racing Drivers’ Club is refusing to sign Bernie Ecclestone’s standard European contract.

21 May 2008: Monaco GP: celebrating nearly 80 years of racing history

When Roy Hulsbergen got in touch recently, to tell us about his project to produce an online archive of video, pictures, anecdotes and memories celebrating nearly 80 years of grand prix racing in Monaco, we knew an interview with him would be the perfect way to celebrate the build-up to this year’s event.

19 May 2008: F1: Mosley saga takes (another) soap-opera turn

Revelations regarding motorsport boss Max Mosley’s er, slightly idiosyncratic, sex life are now on their way from the merely ridiculous to the burlesque. Now, in an ideal precursor to the Monaco Grand Prix, there’s a suggestion that MI5 may somehow have been involved in his downfall.

19 May 2008: F1: Paul Ricard testing report

McLaren have had some good news about their prospects for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix after Lewis Hamilton put in the fastest lap on the first day at a test circuit set up to replicate the challenges of the streets of Monaco.

19 May 2008: F1: reports of Hamilton backlash premature?

We’ve been taking quite seriously the idea that a huge backlash was under way against Lewis Hamilton in the UK. But maybe we were wrong. Stevenage’s finest son has, after all, just come second in a poll to determine the nation’s favourite celebrity.

18 May 2008: F1: Hamilton to shine in Monaco – literally

It’s usually Red Bull Racing that takes the prize for most outrageously impractical commercial tie-in during the Monaco Grand Prix – but this year McLaren will outshine them, literally, thanks to Lewis Hamilton’s and Heikki Kovalainen’s diamond-studded helmets.

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