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F1: Honda Racing TV – great if you can find it…


Over at the Honda Racing website there’s some interesting stuff going on for anyone following the careers of Jenson Button and the various young British drivers on the fringes.

The team has its own TV channel named (wait for it) Honda Racing TV. We decided to come and take a look after reading on ITV F1 that Louise Goodman, presumably with an eye on 2009, would be doing some guest presenting.


And, once we’d told our Flash-blocking software that we really did want to view this, sat through hours of headache-inducing animations, threaded our way through the navigation and screwed up our eyes to read the tiny text, it was pretty good.

Current content includes Monaco previews, interviews with both Button and Barrichello, Autocar’s trip in the RA107 at Silverstone and an insider’s view of a pit stop.

We’d love to be able to bring you links to all this well-produced, interesting and relevant stuff – or even, gasp, embed it.

But, guess what? Because Honda Racing has a rubbish Flash site that precludes any kind of linking whatsoever, we can’t.

A Honda press release on the subject says: “HondaRacingF1.com offers fans a truly engaging online experience and central to the website is Honda Racing TV.”

Wrong. Exchange the word frustrating for engaging and substitute the phrase “buried several layers down” and we feel you would be getting closer.

So, all we can do is direct you to the front page where you can wade through the mess yourselves in search of the stuff you may or may not want to watch.

Is it worth it? Only you can decide…

The labyrinth starts here >>

And if anyone knows a better way to access this stuff do tell us. Do Honda, for instance, publish on an official YouTube channel like IRL and A1GP?

If they don’t then please, guys. Think about it. Things as they stand are distinctly Web 1.1.


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