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British motorsport: be in the know with Brits on Pole


Apologies if the posting’s been a little slow over the last couple of days – that’s because we’ve been adding some new content behind the scenes. Here’s the low-down on some of the new stuff that we hope you will enjoy reading.

  • Driver profiles – Want to get the low-down on Lewis Hamilton’s stellar journey to the top of Formula One? Or remind yourself just who Jenson Button drove for before he arrived at Brawn GP? Or perhaps you want to check out a newcomer like Oliver Turvey, or fill yourself in on exactly why Martin Brundle is the most respected journalist in racing? Check this page out.
  • Racing legends – When Lewis Hamilton won the F1 championship in 2008, he did so in the year that marked the 50th anniversary of the first Briton to perform that feat, Mike Hawthorn. Between the pair, and before, British motorsport produced a procession of some of the biggest names in the sport’s history who all lived fast, drove hard and – in far too many cases – died young. Here are thumbnail portraits of some of the greats, with links to more content on this site in which they feature. Read more here.
  • Movers and shakers – We’re always hearing how the UK is at the very centre of the international motorsport – and here are some of the reasons why. It’s not just the teams and the factories we have in abundance – it’s the people too. Cue our guide to the movers and shakers in British motorsport. If you want to know more about someone you’ve heard mentioned, or to find out about the background of someone you’ve been seeing in TV broadcasts or reading about in blogs, then look no further.
  • British circuits – Are you keen to find out if the venue you are visiting is a flat airfield circuit, in which case you need to pack a stepladder, or an undulating parkland track, in which case the camping stool and the beer cooler will do just fine? We can help. And yes, we can tell you where Top Gear is filmed, as it happens… Read on here.

Is there a name we’ve missed off one of these lists that you think we ought to include? If so, why not let us know? Bearing in mind that our remit is to cover British drivers in open-wheel racing, we will welcome your suggestions – just drop us a line here.



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