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The Brits on Pole user guide to Le Mans 2010

Wanting to follow the world’s most famous endurance race this weekend? Here’s all you need to know.

History and basics

Start here if you’re new to the event and to prototype racing or if you want to remind yourself of the basics. This section explains what’s racing, why they race where they do and who stages the event. It also includes a bit of history about the event.


The practicalities

Whether you’re in France for what is reckoned one of the most audience-friendly races in motorsport, or wondering how to follow it from home, here are a few pointers that might prove useful.

Le Mans on Twitter and beyond

Follow the teams and drivers in real time on Twitter or find out what goodies are available from the companies involved in the event – from mobile apps to virtual race games and even live coverage.

The rest of the year

It’s not just the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This form of prototype racing goes on season-long on three continents. Details of the various Le Mans Series competitions are below.

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