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Important site news – please read


So, why does Brits on Pole look a bit bare at the moment? Well, over the last few months our site has been outgrowing the server it’s hosted on, occasionally knocking it over, and our web hosts decided that the eve of the Italian Grand Prix was the perfect time to draw a line in the sand.

We were told to minimise the load on the server or the site will be permanently taken down. That’s why our customary red, white and blue theme has disappeared over the horizon, along with many of the fun bells and whistles such as front-page videos.


This means we are going to have to shift operations to a different base and we are busy migrating the site to new specialist hosting. This is a big job and, until it is completed, the site will continue to have a somewhat minimalist feel. We apologise for that – but at least it’s a step towards a site that works better in the future.

Should it all go horribly wrong at any point, and you find you can’t access this site, you will be able to keep reading all our news, racing coverage and opinion at this address: http://britsonpole.wordpress.com.

We’re really sorry about this, and we will deeply appreciate it if you stick with us until things are back to normal – something we hope to achieve as soon as possible.

If you generally view Brits on Pole in a feed reader, keep a note of address to ensure complete coverage: http://britsonpole.wordpress.com/feed/

We’ll be carrying on exactly as normal with our F1 liveblog and the rest of the season’s racing coverage. We hope to see you on the other side…


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