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F1: Stewart says Coulthard can be proud

Veteran Scottish racer and three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart has said that countryman David Coulthard can be proud of his F1 career.

He told the BBC: “For a wee country we’ve produced some remarkable drivers and David is high amongst those.


“He’s a highly talented man and was unlucky not to win the title, he certainly had all the skills to do it.”

Sir Jackie was involved in Coulthard’s early career when the driver was trying to make his mark in F3 with the father-and-son outfit Paul Stewart Racing, a forerunner of the Stewart F1 team.

He said: “We loved having him on board; that part of his career I thoroughly enjoyed. We took him to Europe and watched him develop as a young driver.

“We saw him driving with the Saltire round his helmet right from the beginning. That, for me, is a greater memory than seeing him win a Grand Prix.

“Being there to see him win the British Grand Prix, however, was a real joy and a privilege.

“He’s had a glorious career and he has been a great ambassador for Scotland. Not many Grand Prix drivers win 13 races.”

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And you can get a DC-eye view with the video shot on a helmet-camera the driver is wearing this weekend that appears at the top of this post. Or is that ChinCam?


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