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22 May 2010: The Puretech challenge – it’s only a game if you want it to be

“Racing’s got to change – the age of just watching it on the television is dead,” says Puretech creative director Tim Ball as he introduces his company’s system of ultra-realistic networked race simulators. “But we don’t want to replace it – we want to enhance it.”

29 Apr 2010: As Silverstone thrives, Donington languishes

The Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire today staged the launch of its Arena layout, redeveloped at a cost of £5 million, with guests including racing drivers past and present, team bosses and the Duke of York.

29 Apr 2010: Delta withdraws from X-Prize following fire

A Silverstone-based engineering company that had taken on the challenge of trying to produce the world’s greenest car has withdrawn from an international competition after a fire at its base that destroyed its entry.

28 Apr 2010: F1: Williams follows McLaren down diversification road

The latest McLaren road car might be the most well-known example of a F1 race team diversifying away from pure track action – but McLaren is certainly not the only team travelling down that road.

21 Apr 2010: F1: McLaren announces management shake-up

The McLaren group has unveiled a management restructure as its chairman Richard Lapthorne announced his resignation, almost exactly one year after he was appointed, saying that his work at Woking was complete.

19 Apr 2010: MIA conference: Lord Drayson ‘optimistic’ on motorsport’s green future

Motorsport and mainstream motoring are giving encouraging signals about their willingness to embrace green technology according to the UK’s Minister for Science and Innovation.

14 Apr 2010: Election candidates challenged to support British racing circuits

Householders who try to use strict planning rules to cripple British racing venues are about to be made a general election issue by the UK’s motorsport governing body.

14 Apr 2010: MSA: Young drivers to get bursaries of up to £10,000

Bursaries worth up to £10,000 are to be made available to young drivers thanks to a new initiative from British motorsport’s governing body.

13 Apr 2010: Millbrook Proving Ground: 40 years of British vehicle testing

This year a relatively unregarded piece of British motoring history celebrates its 40th anniversary – but if you have ever owned a European car the chances are it has had an impact on your motoring life.

6 Apr 2010: Festival of Speed to have Italian theme – and extra ‘motor show’ day

This year’s Festival of Speed will have an Italian theme, according to organisers, with the July weekend event set to focus on that country’s passion for motorsport.

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