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16 Feb 2011: Give virtual racing a go with the 2011 Aviano Cup

If you want to get an insight into exactly what it takes to keep an open-wheel racing car on track in a competitive situation, you might want to take a look at a public simulator event taking place this weekend.

22 May 2010: How one man’s racing fix could spark a whole new sport

If Puretech is to succeed in its ambition of inventing the new sport of competitive simulator racing, it’s essential that the technology matches the company’s ambition.

22 May 2010: Bone-shaking and thrilling in about equal measure

For a moment, as the race began, everything went just perfectly. Slow get-aways by the two cars starting on the front row allowed me to shoot the gap between them and hare off into the distance.

22 May 2010: The Puretech challenge – it’s only a game if you want it to be

“Racing’s got to change – the age of just watching it on the television is dead,” says Puretech creative director Tim Ball as he introduces his company’s system of ultra-realistic networked race simulators. “But we don’t want to replace it – we want to enhance it.”

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