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23 Jan 2009: Over the white line: Ben Collins is still The Stig…

What we’d really like to know is, if Ben Collins (aka The Stig) was a stunt driver on recent Bond film A Quantum of Solace, how many Aston Martins does he have on his conscience?

5 Dec 2008: Over the white line: humble pie and Rocket Red

This week the most exciting thing to happen was the long-awaited appearance of a coveted McLaren rocket red victory shirt through the letterbox of Brits on Pole Global HQ – and, gosh, it is red.

2 Sep 2008: Top Gear: coming to an airfield near you?

Here’s a question: would you pay upwards of a ton to go and watch three middle-aged blokes indulging in self-described “cocking about” for an hour and 15 minutes?

25 Jul 2008: Scooby-Doo, where are you!

OK, this has eff-all to do with this blog’s core topics of British drivers in open-wheel racing cars. But, priorities. Top Gear’s Jamie Hibbard has just published its review of the new Impreza WRX STI.

18 Jul 2008: F1: Hamilton takes on a Lear Jet

Feeling it’s a bit too long until the next episode of Top Gear and the next silly film? Left pining for footage of the chaps attempting to beat a starving cheetah armed with nothing faster than a Segway? Fear not.

9 Jul 2008: F1: is this what we can expect from the BBC next year?

The BBC has announced how it plans to cover MotoGP now its contract has been extended – can we glean any hints from this as to what it’s got in mind for F1?

7 Jul 2008: What’s going on at Top Gear?

News is trickling through about a bit of a dispute between the BBC and members of the Top Gear team. And the inevitable reason is that common root of all evil – money.

25 Jun 2008: Can Top Gear still cut it?

We’ve been watching the same old Top Gear repeats until we can lip-synch along with Clarkson, Hammond and May. But this Sunday, finally, series 11 made its debut. So, was the first episode any good? Have the blokes found whole realms of untapped silliness to conquer, or is the format starting to get stale? Brits on Pole takes a look at the first episode and finds out.

20 Jun 2008: F1: meet The Stig!

Fancy riding shotgun with Top Gear’s The Stig in a two-seater Grand Prix race car? Yes, us too. Even though there probably won’t be too many opportunities to interrogate him about his identity.

31 May 2008: F1 quotes: those who can…

We notice that the Top Gear blog is trailing a piece about a limited-edition Scots-designed supercar with the following snarky quote.

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