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F1: Hamilton takes on a Lear Jet

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Feeling it’s a bit too long until the next episode of Top Gear and the next silly film? Left pining for footage of the chaps attempting to beat a starving cheetah armed with nothing faster than a Segway?

Fear not. Lewis Hamilton popped along to the Farnborough International Air Show at the weekend where he had a race with a Lear Jet.


Forget supercars and bullet trains – it doesn’t get much better than that.

So, Clarkson, Hammond and May, here’s your challenge: What can you come up with that can possibly top this?

Of course, given the attitude that some commentators and motorsport fans have to Hamilton, we’ll undoubtedly soon be hearing about how this wasn’t good enough.

Fernando Alonso, we will be told, would have done it far more skilfully. And Kimi Raikkonen could have beaten the jet equipped merely with a small powerboat engine and a gorilla suit.

Even the BBC reporter introducing the package had a snark about the price of fuel.

Never mind. Following the feat, Hamilton said: “Normally on the runway the planes are landing, so I was a little bit nervous. But I was sitting in my car, and they told me to go, so I booted it and went as quick as I could to 280 kilometers per hour.

“I was sitting there, sitting on the limiter and couldn’t see where the plane was so I was a little bit nervous but I heard it was very, very good.”

Asked if he’d rather be flying the jet, he answered: “I’d rather just keep the deal I have.”

Watch the BBC film of the race here >>


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