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Top Gear: coming to an airfield near you?

Here’s a question: would you pay upwards of a ton to go and watch three middle-aged blokes indulging in self-described “cocking about” for an hour and 15 minutes?

Of course the phrase in quote marks gives it away – the blokes in question are Clarkson, Hammond and May and the cocking about in question is Top Gear Live, which could shortly be coming to a venue near you.


Promised highlights include a football match played in cars, the chance to nominate your own candidates for Cool Wall success or failure and a live lap challenge featuring members of the audience. However there is no mention of whether or not The Stig will be present. Update: apparently he will.

The chaps have been promoting this extravaganza by driving an armoured personnel carrier (no, not a tank) across London’s Tower Bridge. We wonder if they had to pay the congestion charge? Update: apparently they got away with it…

Watch the BBC’s video report here >>

The decision to take the show on the road is the latest attempt to expand the successful Top Gear franchise, according to today’s Guardian, which also reports that the top ticket price will be £105.

The show will be travelling around the world following the successful renegotiation of the presenters’ contracts and will feature at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London and the Birmingham NEC from October 30. (OK, so not your local airfield, but it was a good line.)

Read the full story here – you’ll have to put up with The Graun’s usual sniping at the BBC, which it never misses an opportunity for.

But if, like us, you find the carping tone a bit depressing, never mind. To bring a smile back to your face, just imagine Hammo having to cope with all that foreign nosh. Do they have branches of Morrisons in Abu Dhabi?


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